A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Being is a game that randomly generates a little pixel person for you to watch. There are no controls, no scoring, no user input, and not much else traditionally associated with a game. Your little person will walk around, grow up and eventually die. They'll continue to age even when the game isn't running, so be sure to spend as much time with them as you can.

Being was built for the Ruin Jam (though not finished in time to be submitted) as a way to help ruin games for those who want them to be a specific type of thing.

If you like, you can follow the author on Twitter via @in_orbit and view more games and other stuff at the Mantis-Eye Labs website.


being-0.5.4-osx.zip 27 MB
being-0.5.4-win.zip 26 MB

Install instructions

OS X: Requires 10.7 or greater. Unzip and extract contents to location of your choice and run the app: 'being'. The app is unsigned so you might have to fiddle with Gatekeeper to get it run in some versions of OS X.

Windows: Unzip all contents to the location of your choice and run being.exe