Last Login Failed is a hacking game where you play the entire game in a terminal.

This is the 7DRL version, which is sadly sort of incomplete. You can play the tutorial (which is minimally random) by typing `tutor` on the title screen. The tutorial is complete and should give you a general idea of what I wanted the game to be.

The main idea was to create a roguelike without any visible dungeons. In this way the servers you hack into are a dungeon's rooms with all the interconnected servers being a single dungeon. Each dungeon is a "job" in that you're being paid to hack into the final server and do something there, and jobs would be random in multiple ways.

Time kind of got away from me and I think I focused on the wrong things (classic move) so the actual job generator is incomplete. However I like the concept so I'm submitting it anyway. If you want to see a very broken job (you probably won't be able to hack into more than the first server or two) you can type `start` on the title screen.

I might revisit this when not under a seven day time crunch because I really enjoy the concept and working on it was surprisingly fun.


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Reminds me of Hacknet, good stuff, I always appreciate new takes on how a Roguelike can be tackled

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I wanted to see a game like this for a while - even the tutorial was fun to play. Liked the little bits of Deacon's seemingly failing marriage. Keep, ahem, hacking at it!

This game is such an amazing idea! I enjoyed playing through and despite having some annoyances (that are expected and not the game's fault) about not having tab completion and other things I'm used to in BASH, I still loved it.

Not sure if it was just the browser size, but when I tried to "cd agent-reg.government" on the page, it chopped off the "t" and put it on a new line which meant I couldn't figure out how to actually take down the server. Allowing "*" or something would make that easier, but I understand that 7 days is super hard.

Thanks for the cool experience!

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I'm so glad you liked it! And yeah, I instinctively pressed tab a ton of times when I was making/testing it. Would for sure be something I add to a full(er) version.

That chop off thing is a known bug, it's due to the way text is (dumbly) cached to avoid re-drawing. I actually thought I had gotten rid of it but apparently not. Fortunately you don't need to go into that directory to complete the tutorial!

Oh actually the bug was totally unrelated to the drawing thing. It was essentially miscounting the number of characters on the line so it would truncate way too soon. I made a quick fix for it so it shouldn't happen any more!

I ran into that bug, you can actually just enter a bunch of spaces or random characters to overflow the first line, and start your command on the next line and it will take only that line as the input ;)

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Like the looks of it! Small frustration -- when I hit 'backspace' to correct a typing error, my browser ends up going back to the previous page and I lose my game. Is there something you can do to capture that backspace/disable that? (Though I was able to disable this in my browser myself, might help others.)

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oof that's a bad bug. I didn't run into it myself but I added "backspace" as one of the default behavior overrides (spacebar was the only one before), hopefully that fixes the issue. Always kinda tricky when you take tons of keyboard input.