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GOTY Update: 1.2.2
A quick update to the game: Damage taken was not properly tracked (as in not tracked at all) when playing as Swamp or Marsh. This is fixed now! Sadly all the da...
2 files — 1.2.2
GOTY Update: 1.2.1
Quick update to fix some minor-ish bugs in 1.2.0, because that's how you develop games. It should update automagically on Steam and the itch app: Steam Version...
2 files — 1.2.1
Realm of the Ghost King Game of the Year Edition, Out Now!
Also known as 1.2.0, since winning a prestigious GOTY award I've put together a Game Of The Year Edition, as is tradition in gaming. 1.2.0 adds two new gameplay...
2 files — 1.2.0
Quick update on a small patch I pushed out a few days ago! 1.1.2 fixes a small bug where the Daily Challenge would always display that you were going to play a...
2 files — 1.1.2
A Sale! And Presenting: Pumpkin Nights
Realm of the Ghost King is now on sale for 40% off! It will be on sale at this discount for the rest of October and probably for a day in November. It's a game...
2 files — 1.1.1
Realm of the Ghost King Postmortem
Note: This post was originally published on the Realm of the Ghost King website back on July 7th . With the release of my first Commercial Indie Game comes the...
1.1.0 Is Out!
Start up your app to grab the latest version of Realm of the Ghost King . 1.1.0 is a totally free update with new features, general improvements and bug...
3 files — 1.1.0
ROTGK 1.0.5
This is a fairly minor update with some fixes for bugs that have been reported but I'm sadly unable to replicate. Less cleverness with GPU detection that will h...
3 files — 1.0.5