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Quick update on a small patch I pushed out a few days ago! 1.1.2 fixes a small bug where the Daily Challenge would always display that you were going to play a...
2 files — 1.1.2
A Sale! And Presenting: Pumpkin Nights
Realm of the Ghost King is now on sale for 40% off! It will be on sale at this discount for the rest of October and probably for a day in November. It's a game...
2 files — 1.1.1
Realm of the Ghost King Postmortem
Note: This post was originally published on the Realm of the Ghost King website back on July 7th . With the release of my first Commercial Indie Game comes the...
1.1.0 Is Out!
Start up your app to grab the latest version of Realm of the Ghost King . 1.1.0 is a totally free update with new features, general improvements and bug...
3 files — 1.1.0
ROTGK 1.0.5
This is a fairly minor update with some fixes for bugs that have been reported but I'm sadly unable to replicate. Less cleverness with GPU detection that will h...
3 files — 1.0.5
ROTGK 1.0.4, Whoops
Naturally 1.0.3 attempted to fix and improve things so it ended up creating some bugs. Spawn Indicator Issues The main issue that arose was from the new spawn i...
3 files — 1.0.4
Linux Version! Plus, Realm of the Ghost King 1.0.3
The second post-launch patch. There's one quality of life change to the game itself but the major point of this release is the Linux version! Yes, after a bit m...
3 files — 1.0.3
ROTGK 1.0.2
The first post-launch patch! This is a fairly minor release with some housekeeping and typos (sorry, Devon!) but contains a few good things. New gameplay option...
2 files — 1.0.2