ROTGK 1.0.4, Whoops

Naturally 1.0.3 attempted to fix and improve things so it ended up creating some bugs.

Spawn Indicator Issues

The main issue that arose was from the new spawn indicators. Since I had to (slightly) change how enemy spawns worked for that change it ended up that you (or another enemy) could walk into a space an enemy was going to spawn on and they would still spawn there as if everything was normal. Overlapping monsters didn't break anything (though monsters generally have no idea what to do when they're on top of a target) but it was a tad weird.

So that's fixed. You can still walk into a spawn spot if you happen to be standing next to one, but now you'll prevent that enemy from spawning (which could be either good or bad depending on your situation). Other monsters in the level should also avoid spawn spots entirely as well.

Exit Is Blocked, Sometimes?

This one is especially annoying because it's not easy to reproduce at all and happens very infrequently. I'm not actually sure what the cause was so I spent some time combing over the code that spanws the exits in each map. I changed a few things that could have been causing it, but it's hard to confirm, so if you happen to see it again please let me know!

Other Things

If you play the game on Steam there's also a fix for a Steam achievement that was never triggered. Anyway, hopefully everything is good and I won't need to put out 1.0.5 in the next two days. Fingers crossed!

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Version 1.0.4 Feb 01, 2018

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