Beta 0.9.12 Is Out!

The latest version of the game is out with a bunch of changes and fixes:


  • Reworked bombs a little (see the gif above). They now flash for half a second before they explode. Previously it was instantaneous which made it a little difficult to tell when the explosion was happening in the grand scheme of things. This will hopefully choreograph that a little bit better since you now see something happen (just like enemies moving). I also did end up changing the order things were executed, but you're unlikely to notice that.
  • Potions are "less automatic". Previously whenever a status change happened the potion would kick in immediately and you'd barely even be able to tell anything had happened. Now when you get slimed or frozen when you go to make a move or plant a bomb the potion gets used first (if you have one) and then your move will be executed. This goes hand-in-hand with you being required to move when you have a status change (introduced in 0.9.10) and hopefully it's more intuitive.


  • Import from GUID was broken so I fixed it. I don't know if anyone even noticed.
  • Vlad (the bat) can (hopefully) no longer back over enemies when you attack him and he doesn't have anywhere to go.
  • Couple internal fixes with text alignment and level exits. Neither should be noticeable but if you have any weird interactions with either of those it might be a new bug!


  • Added a quick section in the tutorial about the status potion and using it (you actually get to use it now).
  • Cleaned up the character select screen issues I mentioned in the 0.9.11 update.
  • Music is now in OGG instead of MP3. I doubt you'll notice but the filesize is reduced a little.

Enjoy! This could be one of the last versions before release, but I guess time will tell!

Files 75 MB
Version 0.9.12 Sep 19, 2017 54 MB
Version 0.9.12 Sep 19, 2017

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