Beta 0.9.10

Testing over the weekend was a small group but the feedback I got was incredible. So here's 0.9.10, which includes changes from some of what was sent my way:

  • New Game Over (and Game Win) screen. Provides the same info as before but also a little context for how you died and it overall just looks nicer, I think.
  • Enemy health bars. These have been in the game for a while but were never turned on (and looked kind of bad before I revised them). This goes along with the main suggestion (or at least the main suggestion I took away from all this), which is to provide even more player feedback than you think. While I don't think it's too hard to keep track of health for most enemies, sometimes it can get a little overwhelming, so it's never a bad thing to have.
  • Less enemy variation per level. This is to help aid progression. Previously any enemy could spawn in any level (aside from some early level restrictions on exploding enemies) but now each level has a set of 4 - 6 enemy types that can spawn there. Hopefully it feel like more of a progression, but this aspect of the game might still need work.
  • Better communication of lost turns. Going back to player feedback, previousy if you lost your turn due to a status change (frozen in ice or slimed) your turn to move was skipped and often enemies would move very rapidly until your status was cleared (or you died). This way some form of player input is required before you're moved onto the next turn. A "denied" sound is played and a message on the bottom of the screen denotes you lost a turn.
  • Some misc bug fixes and crash fixes. Couple things that were annoyng and are hopefully fixed now. We'll see!

If you want to check it out there are still some beta keys available!

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